Westchester Warriors

Loyalty Program

2020-2021 Season


Once again, we will offer a Loyalty Program for next summer’s teams.  There will be no tryouts for returning players.   This will allow you and your son to remain loyal to a summer lacrosse team without trying out or risk being cut from a team.  In addition, this will save you the tryout fee. 

Warriors shows its loyalty to YOU by automatically putting your son on a team for the following year.  If your son played on a team this year, he would not need to try out for Summer 2021.  Instead, you will be sent an invite link following our last tournament on Aug. 1, 2020.  You will need to use the link to register your son online before Sept. 1, 2020 and pay a $200 deposit to hold your spot for next year.  

Information about a fall program and winter clinics will follow later in the summer.  They are optional and are not included in summer tuition. 

We thank you in advance for you for being the best part of our Warrior Program!



Registration will open August 1, 2020

3 payment cycle 
$200 Deposit deadline September 1st
$470 Jan.15th
$525 May, 15
Total $1195



**We cap our teams at 21 players for our Summer travel program**

4 Attack

8 Middies

6 Defense

2 Goalies


Lacrosse can be confusing when it comes to age vs graduation year, as US Lacrosse and most Recreational Leagues offer age-based events while Select, Club and High School Divisions offer graduation-based events. This makes placing players on proper teams a bit tricky. Our goal is to field the most even teams in Westchester. Below we have provided graduation / grade guidelines for the upcoming season. If you have any questions or are unsure where to register your player, please let us know.

2021 Summer Season (Grad Year)


Graduation Year 2022

Grade 11


Graduation Year 2023

Grade 10


Graduation Year 2024

Grade 9


Graduation Year 2025

Grade 8


Graduation Year 2026

Grade 7


Graduation Year 2027

Grade 6


Graduation Year 2028

Grade 5