Change Team: 

The following are REQUIRED SAFETY PROCEDURES for practice:


  1. Please DRESS IN THE CAR.  Please put on full equipment at your car and walk to the field.  
  2. NO BAGS will be allowed on the field.  Please leave them in the car. 
  3. All sessions will be closed, and NO PARENTS are permitted on the field.  Please remain in your car.  
  4. Please bring a water bottle clearly labeled with name.  There will be no water available at the field. 
  5. Social Distancing will be taking place before and after all water breaks. 
  6. No handshakes, high fives or fist bumps will be permitted.  
  7. Please DO NOT LINGER on the field.  The 15 minutes break between sessions is to facilitate social distancing. 
  8. Please stay home if you feel ill, have symptoms/fever.  
  9. Face shields recommended.
  10. Possible temperature checks before entering the field.